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58% of Local Fire Departments could only handle a wildfire incident involving 2–5 structures ()

Fire season is right around the corner– have you taken the proper mitigation and preparedness steps to protect your property? 


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Firebreak Management staff are trained, hotshot crew members, with real firefighting experience, and can also help protect your property in a number of ways, not limited to:

Jessica was highly informative and generous with her information and time. Much needed new business for our community! Her visit to our house has really informed decisions we are making about protecting our house in our unpredictable climate.

– M. Varrin

10+ Years of Experience


At Firebreak Management, we believe that prevention is the key to effective wildfire mitigation. Our team of experts and professionals work tirelessly to educate and equip our local communities with the skills and resources they need to safeguard their homes and properties. We’ve seen firsthand the devastation wildfires can cause, which is why we are passionate about what we do. Our approach to firebreak management is one of partnership, collaboration, and a shared commitment to protecting our communities.

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