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At Firebreak Management, we believe that prevention is the key to effective wildfire mitigation. Our team of experts and professionals work tirelessly to educate and equip our local communities with the skills and resources they need to safeguard their homes and properties. We’ve seen firsthand the devastation wildfires can cause, which is why we are passionate about what we do. Our approach to firebreak management is one of partnership, collaboration, and a shared commitment to protecting our communities.

Join us in the fight against wildfires here in SW Montana. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with cutting-edge techniques and resources, training programs, and comprehensive fire safety services. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from initial risk assessments to the creation of custom DIY plans, to ensure that you are fully prepared for any eventuality. Let us help you protect your property, your community, and your loved ones today.

Let the Numbers Talk
of fire departments can handle 2-5 structures maximum, during a wildfire
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Wildfire incidents already, Year-to-date (June 21, 2022)
Acres Burned, Year-to-date (June 21, 2022)
In fire-related losses in 2019
$ 0 Billion

Trusted by Many

Peter Werner
Peter Werner
March 14, 2022.
I reached out to Firebreak Management to fireproof, or more accurately, reduce the fire hazard risk at our property. Jess and Jon showed up on time, walked the property to assess the fire risks, diligently answered my questions, and prepared a written fire hazard reduction proposal. They were forthright in their assessment of the hazards and did not guarantee 100% protection, rather they explained treatments that would help reduce the fire risk. What I found extremely helpful is that they left decisions to me on how to reduce risks and did not push one application over another. Once on board, Jess and Jon worked diligently and efficiently to implement their plan. I will have Firebreak Management back to provide ongoing hazard mitigation. Don't hesitate, contact Firebreak Management.
Paul Lachapelle
Paul Lachapelle
March 11, 2022.
M Varrin
M Varrin
March 10, 2022.
Jessica was highly informative and generous with her information and time. Much needed new business for our community! Her visit to our house has really informed decisions we are making about protecting our house in our unpredictable climate.
Annie McCoy
Annie McCoy
March 8, 2022.
Shout of praise to Firebreak for helping our HOA work through the tremendous task of preparing for a fire disaster! I found Jessica to be very patient and understanding of our situation. She was incredible in sharing her knowledge of what needs to be done, why and how. We look forward to continuing to work with Firebreak during the next few years to achieve our goals. They are responsive, professional and provide great value for what they offer. I highly recommend them for your fire management needs!
March 8, 2022.
Jessica is very knowledgeable and great to work with. I would absolutely recommend Firebreak Management to anyone.
Rick W
Rick W
March 8, 2022.
I highly recommend this company. They are knowledgeable and do not pressure you for services. Very straightforward and helpful.

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Jess Braun

My name is Jessica Braun, and I own and operate Firebreak Management. At FBM, we take fire safety and land management seriously. That is why I decided to leave my career as a Wildland Firefighter and dedicate myself to helping others protect their valuable land investments. With a deep understanding of the natural ecosystems and wildfire behavior, I can help you create a customized plan to safeguard your property. 

While I am no longer on the front lines fighting fires, I remain active in the firefighting and EMS community, volunteering for local departments and continuing my work as a firefighter and medical provider for the Forest Service. Through this business, I aim to share my knowledge and experience with others, empowering them to take action before tragedy strikes.


Thank you for trusting Firebreak Management with your land management needs. Whether you seek fire safety services or land restoration solutions, we have the skills and expertise to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or sign up for our mailing list to stay up-to-date on the latest fire safety news and promotions.


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