Property Evaluations

Property Evaluations and the education that comes with them are the most critical aspect of our business. We provide these at no cost and encourage anyone living in the Wildland Urban Interface to learn more about this free service and take advantage of it today.

The process starts with a phone call, clicking the form on our website, or emailing us directly. From there, we reach out to you and set up the details for us to go out and do a site visit. We need you present for the initial site visit to make the most out of our services. We start by assessing your home's fire preparedness from the minute we start slowing down, looking for your driveway. If this is difficult to find and not well marked, firefighters may also have difficulty locating it when there is smoke in the air and extra hazards around.

Moving around the exterior of your home, we will explain what we are seeing, such as; assessing tree spacing, height, water sources, stand density, fuel on the ground, proximity, and more. Every home and property we see is unique and requires careful attention to detail. While we are there, feel free to pick our brains, challenge us, we have a common goal, and collaboration of all kinds will make the load lighter and the work better

"We build homes on stilts near the ocean for floods, install specialized rods throughout a home for earthquakes, we "fortify" homes for hurricanes, and build separate, underground shelters for tornados. How are we not doing more fire mitigation?"

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