Fuel Mitigation

Fuel mitigation work is the cornerstone of our business. The foundation of Firebreak Management is to make homes as survivable as possible by completing fuel reduction work. Most importantly, we understand that more lives will be saved by having defensible properties, both citizens and firefighters alike.

Fuel mitigation and thinning start with awareness of the problem. We achieve this by carrying out a free property analysis that addresses the various problem areas. (Check the tab above this one in the drop-down menu for details.) Once you know the risk and the work to be done, it's time to roll up your sleeves or call in help from friends and or professionals alike!

Fuel Mitigation strategies vary significantly from property to property. For example, when dealing with an HOA as a whole, our tactics shift to the broad area of the neighborhood and do more tree removal on the outside of the ring itself and would construct a true firebreak. However, a single-family brick home could be trimmed around the house/garage and then left with instructions to keep the lawn green. If you hire us, we will complete one more walk-through beyond our initial free assessment and make sure you approve of all the tasks you choose for us to take on. This process component is up to you, and we will help you make the best choice for you by asking the right questions.

If you are on the board of an HOA or operate a Commercial Rural building, this next section focuses on your unique needs as an organization. We recommend starting with an initial consultation phone call for these projects in scale and scope right away, so your specific needs get addressed thoroughly.

Protecting entire HOA's and commercial venues is a fun mix of standard fuel reduction efforts with an extra level of artistic components unique to the other projects. Commercial properties and HOA's pose a unique threat to wildfires that make sense to analyze as a whole. Due to the size of most HOA's, layouts, and the number of structures on the grounds, you can adapt a larger strategy than what's implemented on individual homes. While working in an HOA, we guarantee that the aesthetics and beauty of the land will increase. We do beautification on top of defense tactics to make your property as versatile as possible. We also create more usable land if trees are taking over a particular area. Want a new field, a spot for playgrounds, or a climbing wall? We are the experts to help design the layout today. We will help optimize your commercial property for defense against wildfire!

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