Fire Safe Landscaping & Aesthetics

Have a million-dollar view but can't see it through your tree canopy? I love gardening and trees, but not sure how that fits into being fire-wise? Maybe you have power lines on your property that are near trees, and that worries you. Whatever it is, we have the solution or will find one.

We work with each homeowner one-on-one to establish the best plan to make your property the most beautiful it can be! We try to take a minimum number of trees to create the beauty your overgrown property is hiding. It often only takes 2-3 trees, and our clients become thrilled with their new view. Many people also wish to have a "natural" looking property. Did you know that a "natural property" is a landscape designed by fire and not overrun without any sign of land clearing? Opening up the bottom of the trees is entirely natural, healthy, and beautiful for each tree, and the overall forest stands itself.

While creating a beautiful fire-safe lot of your dreams, consider creating more open space and using fire-wise plants and flowers. A common issue that occurs in MT is when trees and shrubs take over a property. Let us help you take back your lawn or help create a new building site for the dream shop you have always wanted. A place for a shed, a nice campfire social area, maybe even just a parking area for summer BBQs with friends and family. While deciding on these things, also consider the power lines on the property. Did you know you can significantly reduce your risk of starting a wildfire just by making sure your trees don't ever touch wires? Also, keep them clear in case of smoke floats through your property and causes arcing. Anything beneath those lines can now start a fire as well. Finally, adjust what you plant to trees that don't throw firebrands and flowers that won't carry fire to the house or threaten power lines. We have the experience, tools, and expertise to redesign and landscape projects of all sizes. All of our evaluations are free and a guaranteed learning opportunity. Please use us to arm yourself with the best tactics to create a fire-wise home of beauty!

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